Visualizing Air Traffic

Our ultimate goal is to help people understand their environment. We plan to collect, analyze and visualize data in various domains.

We are going to start with Air transport. Aviation is an important human activity on Earth. The current traffic doubles every 15 years, and it has a significative impact on climate change.


The collection of data is not very complicated. Airplanes send messages about their position, speed, altitude using an open protocol (ADS-B).


It is possible to retrieve and store this information using low-cost hardware. A lot of websites use this technique to propose immediate spotting of airplanes positions.

We will not propose the same display than these websites. Our focus is to analyze and provide statistical pieces of information.

Before having access to the whole world traffic, we’ll start by airport visualizations based on what we can collect with a few antennas on a local area. We’ll expand the type of visualizations when we have more contributors.

Don’t hesitate to suggest ideas about what you would like to view.

An “accelerated” view of the whole flights around the globe with real flight routes and even more: a spot for each plane, for a viz like this one, from this article

In this example I think the data are not real, random points are used to display the “volume” of the movement of population, however it would be a good benchmark to try to display in this form thousands of flights based on real lat/lon data of planes !

Hi guys,
I heard yesterday at the news on the swiss radio that the confederation wanted a law to print on each flight ticket the co2 cost of this flight.
The main question seems to be the formula to get the right number to put on the tickets.
It make me think that we could have a perfect timing if we provide a web site with those infos by flight, company, etc…
Ref =>

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Another news related to this topic =>

Perfectly agree with you. My current big problem is how to split my time working time between customer, data2viz library,, flights… :sweat_smile: