Our talks


This discussion is a kind of auto-promotion :wink: . You’ll find the links of past talks.


Human Talks - Geneva [FR]

Our first talk about Kotlin, in 2013, with a live demo of a Kotlin Spring application.
At that time, annotation didn’t have ‘@’. :scream:


MiXit - Lyon [FR]

2016 - Atelier utiliser Kotlin dans une architecture standard

2018 - Développez votre application multiplateforme en kotlin

2018 - Designer/codeur, comment le métier et les outils du designer graphique évoluent



2017 Kotlin from the trenches

Really bad talk :disappointed_relieved:
Live code with git branch switching, too complicated, at the end I’m so tired that I can hardly pronounce a phrase.

2018 Porting D3.js to Kotlin multiplatform


KNight Kyiv 2018: Multiplatform development with Kotlin


DevFest Belarus 2018 - Building a DataViz Multiplatform library with Kotlin