Icon in Multi Line toolTip

Hello Pierre,

We have a requirement to display icons in the tooltip.

Currently, we are using RichTextBuilder for tooltips.

tooltipBuilder = ttb@{ datum, ttp, title, text, drawingZone ->
      RichTextBuilder {
            text("Key", bold = true)
            text("value", bold = false)
            drawingZone.sampleTag(ttp!!.zone.center, genericSampleTagIcon(), size, 20.0, 20.0)

How can I add icons to this multi-line tooltip? I see we have drawingZone in lamda,
can we use that? I tried but it does not display an icon.

Please let me know how to add icons in the multiLine Tooltips.
In the offline chart, we have something like:


Please let me know.

Hi @bhargava, the support for icons/images is listed in the CHRT-225 feature but I thought we agree that it was a long term issue and that multi-line was enough for now.

I will ask @gaetan to have a look at it.

Note: you are right, using the drawingZone here would be kind of a bad workaround and would not provide what you want (the DZ can be cleared without you knowing it).