How to animate a line chart

I’m having trouble finding any documentation around animation, specifically for line charts. Is this feature on the roadmap?

Welcome, Chris,

We’re actually working on the 1.1 version which will include new features. This version will be more focused on the mobile platform.

Animations could be included in this version, I’m interested in gathering more info from users.

What do you expect by “animations”, is it to manage smooth transitions when updating data, or do you want something else?

Thanks for having me Pierre,

Our current requirement is focused on during initialization/on load of the chart data, and doing a composite animation where the line animates from left to right, maintaining the same y position, and upon completion of that it would animate each y point to its actual value.

I can only assume future requirements for our current project would require updating data as well, likely with smooth transitions, but those requirements are not yet concrete and a tad further out.

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OK so what you need is to be able to use custom transitions for your marks: define timing, easing functions, composite movement, etc…

We’ll deliver a first version of Charts.kt containing non-customizable animations (planned for 1.1)

We are open to discuss with you the kind of features you expect and how to express that in a convenient DSL we can add in a further version.