Do you support Jetpack/Jetbrains Compose?

Do you have support for Jetpack Compose / Jetbrains Compose?
If not yet, do you plan it? In which version?

It’s currently under consideration.

What would be your use case and platform?

Hello Gaetan,

I’m very excited about the new progress of compose multiplatform (especially the wasm target).
I wanted to try it out privately Charts.kt with Compose Multiplatform and if it works I wanted to show an alternative to my company for our existing technology stack (we have clients for java/swing and we will start to port it to web in the near future).

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Hello Zoltan,

I was currently more focused on the more mature parts of Compose (desktop and mobile). I think the wasm part still has a lot of work ahead on both the Kotlin part and the browser implementations.

Hello Gaetan,

Right, it will take a while until wasm will be production-ready.
But in compose multiplatform you anyways write the most of the code in the “common” or “shared” part. Porting to a new platform is pretty easy if you use basic stuff (and no Navigation for example).
The interesting part for us would be to check, how Carts.kt plays together with the compose framework. For this it would be enough for the beginning to support only desktop but with compose.