Data2viz roadmap


The goal of this discussion is to provide more information on the main library roadmap. We were not very clear on this part and must give more details.

The path to version 1.0

We started the work on data2viz by porting the code of D3JS into Kotlin MultiPlatform (MPP). The goal of version 1.0 is to propose the minimal set of features that allows creating visualizations in an MPP manner.

The target platforms are:

  • the browser using Kotlin/JS,
  • the desktop using Kotlin/JVM,
  • Android.

We have now nearly all the features we wanted for version 1.0. The last big part that we needed was event management. It’s on its way, and we will release a V0.8 soon with it.

Until version 1.0, the API is still subject to modifications. Our first work was to port D3JS algorithms before spending to much time on the API. That is why, even if the code is doing the job, it’s not always very easy or natural to use it.

We try to stabilize the API before documenting it on So before seeing it on, be aware that your code may have to change.

Just after V1.0

We wanted to add iOS as a platform, but we found Kotlin/Native to be not mature enough which makes development very painful. We’ll wait for improvements before spending too much time on it. So iOS will probably be supported after version 1.0.

Adding events on the primary visual elements will be an essential work. It is mandatory to provide an easy way of creating user interactions. For that specific part, it is very likely that we will manage the transformations inside our code, using transformation matrixes.

Distant future

We’ll probably evaluate the interest of web assembly to deploy data visualizations that need more resources (CPU and memory).

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