Chart - line - showMarkers problem

I am trying to run this simple code in Android Studio emulator (API 29) and it does not show any markers on the line. Line is ok, but there are no markers. Is there any problem with this code?

class Wykres(context: Context): VizContainerView(context)
private val Points = listOf(1,2,9,16,25,36,49,64,81,100)

fun updateChart()
        size = Size(500.0,220.0)

        title = "Wykres"

        val index = discrete({indexInData})
        val values = quantitative({domain.toDouble()})

        line(index, values)

            curve = MarkCurves.Curved
            size = constant(30.0)
            marker = constant(Symbols.Circle)
            showMarkers = true


There may be issues with the marker type, can you try with another marker like Symbols.Triangle and give us the result?

Thank you.
You are right - I have tried with another marker type (triangle, star, cross, square) and seems they work fine. Only circle is problematic.

I understand, I’ll file an issue, this should be a problem with arcTo on Android.